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Cliccando su download troverete le tre pubblicazioni su rivista scientifica di LIFE RE Mida:

Pecorini, I., Rossi, E., & Iannelli, R. (2020). Mitigation of Methane, NMVOCs and Odor Emissions in Active and Passive Biofiltration Systems at Municipal Solid Waste Landfills. Sustainability, 12(8), 3203.

Rossi, E., Pecorini, I., & Iannelli, R. (2020). Methane oxidation of residual landfill gas in a full-scale biofilter: Human health risk assessment of volatile and malodours compound emissions. Environmental Science and Pollution Research.

Frasi, N., Rossi, E., & Iannelli, R. (2020). Methane Oxidation Efficiency in Biofiltration Systems with Different Moisture Content Treating Diluted Landfill Gas. Energies, 13(11), 2872.

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